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Some Brushless Motor Controller Alternatives for BLDC Motors Without Integrated Commutation Electronics

November 27, 2012 0 Comments
Dunkermotor BGE 3508 bldc brushless motor controller

Dunkermotor BGE 3508 brushless motor controller

If you read yesterday’s post about when not to use a brushless motor with integrated commutation electronics, then it’s logical to want to know what kinds of alternatives exist. Fortunately, there are many. While in this post I’ll highlight a few that Dunkermotor produces, you should realize that many others exist as well. And, as noted earlier, you may wish to provide your own if you’re comfortable with your brushless motor controller design capabilities.

The compact brushless motor controller above is the Dunkermotor BGE 3508, which can be remotely mounted on a convenient panel and is capable of delivering 2.5A continuous. What’s rqather interesting is that in this small package you’ll find a 4-quadrant controller that can be parameterized in speed, position and torque modes with easy-to-use PC software. It also features CAN interface and can even be used to control brushed DC (PMDC) motors.

Dunkermotor BGE3004 BLDC Brushless Motor Controller

Dunkermotor BGE3004A Brushless Motor Controller

A more basic compact brushless motor controller is the Dunkermotor BGE 3004A unit pictured above. This simple, single-quadrant speed control comes with an integral potentiometer for setting the motor speed. It should be noted for these types of remotely mounted controls that they should be mounted as close as possible to the motor and ideally not more than 6 feet away.

Dunkermotor BGE 42 BLDC Brushless Motor Controller

Dunkermotor BGE 42 Brushless Motor Controller

Another approach where motor length is an issue, but diameter is not, is a piggyback brushless motor controller like the Dunkermotor BGE 42 pictured above. This 2-quadrant speed controller can also be supplied with an optional connection lead that can be used to provide an external target voltage for setting the speed. By supplying an analog target voltage in the range 0 to +10 V, the motor speed of rotation can be set in a range from 500 to 5000 rpm. Lower speeds, down to around 200 rpm, are possible where smoothness of rotation is not critical. Although still quite compact, this controller provides various protection functions, such as low-voltage cut-off, reverse polarity protection, over-temperature cut-off and stall protection to guarantee high operational reliability.

Dunkermotor BGE 30100 BLDC Brushless Motor Controller

Dunkermotor BGE 30100 Brushless Motor Controller

And for higher power operation, the Dunkermotor BGE 30100 brushless motor controller is suitable for use with up to 500 Watt BLDC motors. This single-quadrant controller can be parameterized via an integral USB interface and also the target speed can be set with an analog 0 to +10 V input. This type of controller, which can operate at 60A continuous current features ruggedized construction for use in battery-powered applications.

These are just a few examples of the kinds of external brushless motor controllers that one can use in applications where integrated commutation electronics may not be desirable.

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