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Why This Motion Control and Electric Motor Blog?

November 22, 2012 0 Comments

why a motion control and electric motors blog

Writing this post on Thanksgiving day, it’s a time for reflection and thanks. Therefore, I would like to thank Todd Youngblood whose presentation at the Association for High Technology Distribution 2012 Fall meeting not only clearly laid out the business objectives and benefits of blogging, but also provided great inspiration and motivation to do so in alignment with his unique e-Rep formula.

What follows in this post tells more about the e-Rep concept, but I strongly recommend you spend a few minutes with Todd’s e-Rep eBook. As a business professional, quite simply it is the best 99 cent investment you will make.

While my initial blog post briefly explained why I started this Motion Control and Electric Motor Blog, I was surprised and delighted this week to see that Todd recognized what I’ve done so far on his own blog. He puts a much finer point on the justifications, so I am reproducing his post below:

get off your xxx and develop your e-Rep…and you’re still talking about why YOU can’t do it

November 20, 2012 By 

John Morehead is Vice President of Business Development for Dunkermotoren, a drive technology manufacturer.  He’s busy.  WAY busy.  He gets pulled in 1,000 different directions every day by his boss, his team, his customers and his suppliers.  Just like every other sales professional, manager or executive.  Just like you.

On October 18, he made a decision.  Then on October 21, he got off his #@% and acted on that decision.  He continues to sustain his commitment to that decision.  Here’s proof.  (JM has an e-Rep!)

So what?

I’ll tell you so what.  He’s selling more.  Here’s how:

  • He has 21 brand spanking new sales aids (We call them “Arrows.”  Part of the Relationships, Arrows and Chum sales strategy.)
  • Each of those sales aids is available 24 X 7 X 365 to anyone, anywhere
  • Each of them is contributing to John’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization – When his customers Google stuff they’re thinking about buying, the odds they find Morehead are increasing every day!)
  • His sales team can use those “Arrows” whenever they want (in e-mails, sales calls, phone conversations, proposals…)
  • Those “Arrows” are sticking out of his customers’ heads – they’re helping him sell more faster!

And oh yeah…  He’s reaching out to other e-Reps and each one of them is contributing that much more to all of the above.

And you’re still talking about why YOU can’t do it???

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About the Author:

John Morehead is an experienced marketing, sales and business development leader. He’s passionate about motion control and advanced motor technology and shares that enthusiastically with those he encounters and many more through his myriad marketing initiatives. This blog is one more tool to be able to spread the word about news, information and insights on the motion control, electric motors, drives and automation fields. Your comments or questions on posts are welcome.

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